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A place where you and your body discover a new conversation of wellness.

For more than 15 years at Bodyworx I have explored with clients their various stages of health, physical function and well-being. Along the way I have studied, trained and embraced innovative techniques in areas influenced by anatomy, facial research, neuroscience, functional movement, nutrition, energetic therapies and human performance. My technique focuses on an integrated approach of expert skills that are strategic, communicates with the body from the inside-out, while seeking to discover the cause and effect relationship to re-pattern, repair and relieve discomfort.

I offer a collaborative, unique approach in working to create more freedom and ease within your functional movement and well-being. I am centered in a heart-felt desire to serve and support people developing a new conversation with their body-mind connection that simply lets people be more at their best more often.

When we are at our best we can engage more, give more and experience life with more authentic spark doing whatever it is we want to do. This is how we make a difference!

Amy Honeycutt
  • Exercise Science, Bachelor of Science
  • Licensed Massage Practitioner, MA00015036
  • Strain Counterstrain and Fascial Counterstrain Trained
  • Fascial Stretch Therapy-Level III Medical Certified
  • Manual Ligament Therapy-MMLT-I Certified
  • Brain Gym-Educational Kinesiology Trained
  • Strategic Intervention Coach-Certified
"Committed to helping my clients live more, play more and just be at their best more often, every day!"